Last weekend was a wonderful reconnect for us as we headed to Nantucket for our pop-up shop benefitting The Nantucket Historical Association. After missing the last two summers there due to the pandemic, it was great to receive such a warm welcome from so many friends, loyal customers and acquaintances who came out to shop for a great cause during Nantucket By Design Week.

One of the things we always loved about our Nantucket stores, was how friendly and open our clients were as they enjoyed life in that special summer paradise, where days are spent with family at the beach and a lifetime of memories are made. While we were there last week, we loved helping a daughter looking for something to wear to her on-island rehearsal dinner in October (she chose the Apple Blossom bustle skirt and matching top), as well as a lady who collects our Oaxaca blouses and was first in line to make her selection (she chose a vivid aqua blouse with hot pink embroidery). 

We also loved chatting with one of the owners of Valero & Sons, an on-island garden store who has one of the few remaining herds of sheep (as well as two cows, two horses, rabbits, and chickens whose eggs are sold fresh daily, a local secret - and a shame we never got there early enough to buy them).

Aside from the obvious stunning beauty of Nantucket, as well as the crowds and traffic in August, at the end of the day, it's the people you meet that steal the show. There is time to chat, and stories to be shared. History is alive in that place unlike anywhere we've been in America, but its also nirvana for college students, artists, sailors and of course, billionaires. There's a legend about Nantucket Island personified as The Grey Lady, named for the thick impenetrable fog that rolls in from time to time. If The Grey Lady favors you, you'll find good luck and fair skies while you're there. If not, you'll find rough seas and possibly wind up on the rocks. We are happy to report, that in all our Nantucket summers, The Grey Lady has shown us nothing but kindness and generosity, and given us loads of wonderful memories.

xo Alice

Nantucket Pop Up Hot List:

The Cleo Dress, the Happy Dress in Tea Green, Blue Bell and Apple Blossom. The Happy Midi in Rose Bandana, the Bustle skirt in Indigo Mughal and Apple Blossom