Song of Genesee - Book of Poetry


From author Pamela Livingston:

This is a book about water--streams, rivers, lakes, seas--and about new beginnings. Poetry has always been a direct and living response to life's varied circumstances. Is it the fragility of life and its huge power--both--which keep us in balance and alive? The movement generated by the changes is renewal itself. Seeking a language for this has been one way of integrating experience and coming into harmony. The energy of the writing changes me.

As a record of self within the greater wholeness, it is never 'just about me.' We are each responsible for feeling, for attuning to the whole; sharing is a joy which can grow awareness of our interconnectedness. By our voice we make peace.

These songs and poems are about celebration, self-healing, and dreaming. I have spent time in woods and jungles, often in solitude, and also with natural people who have extended to me their welcome and kindness. They have taught me about sustainability, how to give up my fancy moves in exchange for dancing most of the night, grounded in simplicity and energized by a loving earth. In my lifetime I've learned many forms only to leave them behind, to come closer to freedom, and to the spirit of the mother, and father, in me. And the Valley Spirit, which is Genese.