CJ Laing is the creative collaboration of partners, Jack Laing and Alice Russell. Their multi-brand edit reflects their shared love of travel and textiles, and their passion for the beautiful places they live and work,  Palm Beach, Nantucket, and Aspen.

Founded by Jack in 2000, the brand originally focused on embroidered apparel with a preppy aesthetic and sold in major department stores and boutiques around the country. Prior to that, he studied design at Pratt, business at Boston University, and later spent several years living in Asia where he worked in the fashion business.

Ali grew up in New York and Hawaii and studied Art History and Studio Art at Smith College. Afterward, she worked in marketing and creating special events for major brands in New York. Eventually relocating to Palm Beach, Ali went on to become a successful artist. 

In 2008 Ali joined Jack as Creative Director and together they rebranded and reinvigorated CJ Laing into the multi-brand edit you see today. Ali's keen eye and sense of color and pattern are integral to selecting the collection each season, while Jack designs the CJ Laing label of ikat pieces, signature linen, and cashmere. They work hand in hand to maintain the vibrancy, specialness, and cool-factor that CJ Laing is known for.

Retail Director Daniel Jenkins joined the team in 2014. With his background in luxury fashion, and knowledge of trend and social media he helped bring CJ Laing to the next level. Daniel oversees all retail and wholesale operations, as well as merchandising, digital, and customer service.